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El Gato Loco

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El Gato Locoyoungdon

Testing out your "profile feed", Don. You can post updates here, or others can comment here. It only appears on your profile.
Aug 11 2011 07:21 PM

hassellEl Gato Loco

Is the list your referring to the Provincial list? instead of listing all of the Provinces and Territory's I thought of just adding them in as new members join! Or is it easier to just put them all in the first time!! I see you don't have all of the US states listed. The Provinces of members-- British Columbia. Saskatchewan,Ontario,New Brunswick, I think thats all of them. International-- South Africa, New Zealand, Argentina, did I miss any? What about the Tasty Critters Idea-- seeing as we are talking about eating game, when I sent the original idea to you, I forgot to mention eating bobcat,beaver etc. You might like that seeing all the dinner fare you hold up.
Jun 17 2010 07:41 AM

hassellEl Gato Loco

I'm suppose to remind you! thats what it says at the bottom of your posts! Ha! anyways sent one today-re--Tasty Critters, what do you think and adding member Provinces or other Countries to the bottom of the State Listings!!
Jun 10 2010 08:39 PM

El Gato Loco525fittertct

You never forget it! :)
May 02 2010 09:15 PM

525fittertctEl Gato Loco

nothing like the first time huh?
May 02 2010 07:41 AM

El Gato Locobearmanric

Hi Rick, Sent that over a little bit ago. Thanks! Chris
Apr 30 2010 08:17 AM

bearmanricEl Gato Loco

hey Chris i take pay pal, check or money order's. thank you. Rick Rick Robbins 3608 offut Lk Rd Tenino Wa 98589 pay pal [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL] $17.00
Apr 27 2010 07:38 AM

El Gato LocoKC223

I hear the new place is a good place for tourny's. Grats!
Apr 19 2010 06:51 PM

El Gato LocoTurbo

Got my "Membership packet" today. Was just a cheap card, a sticker that looks like it was printed on an inkjet printer, and a tape measure. You can learn more about them at: [url=http://www.huntapf.org/]huntapf.org--American Predator Federation--Where Predator Hunters are forming a pack![/url]
Mar 29 2010 09:29 PM