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first grey of season called in

26 October 2013 - 07:19 AM

Hello gang,


Our fox season started yesterday and I had a chance to get out for bit.  I called this spot 2 weeks ago for coyote.  A couple lone howls on the RED HAT HORN HOWLER fixed to the fr3db3ar lanyard and a grey fox showed up but no coyote.  Fast forward to last night, same spot, 2 AM, I started with a simple RED HAT mouse distress and at about three minute this grey popped out the woods at 100 yds. I swung the gun that direction, gun light already on, and kept calling.  It got to 70 yds and stopped, i settled the cross hairs between the eyes and squeezed the accutrigger on the savage putting .243 hole through his left eye.  I quickly scanned to my left and had two more sets of eyes bounding through the goldenrod at me.  I swung the gun 90 degree to my left and caught a glimpse of two red fox which quickly disappeard in the tall grass, kept calling and they did reappear but never provided a good shot.




Spot-On Hunting Lights-official thread

27 August 2013 - 09:52 AM

Hello predatotalk members,


My name is Kevin DeVuyst, i live in western New York. I spend my free time enjoying family, friends and the great outdoors. Deer, turkey, and predator hunting have been my passions for many years.


A few years ago, with the availability of more modern hunting lights my interest in night hunting was energized. I bought a hunting light from one of the leading retailers and i loved it. Being the tinkerer that I am, I couldn't just leave it alone. I took it apart refitted it with a more up to date emitter and more powerful circuit.  This particular light was much, much brighter than before.  One of my hunting partners saw that my light was brighter than his light so i fixed his up too.  Fast forward to now. I have been building and selling custom hunting lights since last october and things are going well enough to become an advertiser here on


Please check out my website at 


It is a very basic homemade site, no bells and whistles, no fancy graphics, just my lights and some other information a hunter hunting at night might need.



For my first post I will be offering a special price on a modified zy-t620, I have four available.  They have RED emitters, one mode, high only. And put out about 28,000lux.  These lights have a very usable beam profile. A large hotspot and large spill.  The T-620 has a 63mm bezel, 9.5 in long, 1" dia battery tube, runs on 2x18650 batteries.  $100 shipped to the lower 48.(note:only flashlight is for sale, does not includes mounts, or any other accessories shown in photos)


If interested send PM or email [email protected]






custom built hunting flashlight

27 August 2013 - 08:21 AM

Hello gang,


I built up a few of these lights to take to a trade show and i have four left over.  They are based on the small sun zy-t620. These lights feature the brand new cree xpe2 RED emitter mounted directly to copper. These lights have a one mode "high only" function.  These lights operate on 2x18650 lithium ion batteries. They put out about 28,000lux.   The bezel diameter is 63mm and is 9.5 in long. The tube diameter is 1".  Blow-out price is $100 shipped.  Light only,  mounts and other accessories in photo not included.  Pm me or E-mail at [email protected]



shown with weaver tactical pic rail scope ring, 1/2" spacer and offset QR mount(not included).


headlamp, flashlight, scan light package

11 February 2013 - 08:06 AM

i just finished these up. they are built on UF501B shells. you get the nitecore headband, one red LED drop-in, and one white drop-in. it runs on one 18650 lithium ion battery(3.7-4.2volts only) not included. the red LED drop-in is a one mode high only red LED that puts out over 4000lux. the white drop-in is H-M-L-blinky modes. use this light  for walking to from a stand or scanning or as an every day flashlight. these are hand built in my shop with high quality circuit boards and emitters. 2 available $49.00 shipped to your door. thanks for looking.