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Long range fanatic

01 December 2012 - 07:19 PM

I am a long range fanatic. I have a technique that combines calling coyotes and long range shooting. I like to shoot way out there on targets and prairie dogs. For game animals I keep it ethical. Even on coyotes I limit the distance I will shoot to what I am confident in making a clean kill. This depends on the conditions and is 300 to 500 yards max. For this long range calling I use a little more gun than most predator hunters would use, a .243 Super Rockchucker (30-06 necked down to 24 caliber). I live in Utah and hunt Wyoming and Nevada also. In big open country I will stop and set my Fox Pro electronic call out and turn it on usually max volume. I so this in locations were back in my truck I will drive out of view in about 300 yards. After I drive out of the valley or canyon I stop and sneak back to where I can see the call. I set up with a really solid rest the gun on bags front and back. It is a fun technique. What will surprise you is how often the coyote or fox doesn't come from very far away. When they saw or heard you coming in your truck they just drop down and hide until you are gone. For this reason I quickly set up the call very near my truck when I get out. Turning on the cal with a remote might be better but I can't get enough range from a remote. I hit on this technique hand calling in Wyoming. I had just set up and started calling from the top of a ridge and had a coyote coming. While he was coming a herd of several hundred cows, four cowboys and two dogs came into sight. The coyote just dropped down in the sage. The herd passed within a hundred yards of him on a dirt road at the bottom of the draw. When the cows went out of sight I started calling again and he popped up and came in. One area I hunt has a gravel road that runs along the edge of sage above the road. Below the road it is expansive crested wheat. Every mile or two the road cuts thru a ridge. I have been driving past dogs that just duck down for years, not so now. Try it and let me know if it works for you.