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Blog 240 > Total chaos!!!

Posted 06 February 2011

Get your popcorn out cause this hunt should have been on video HA!!   Went out to the farm to hunt this difficult area, a little earlier cause it was -11 and where I wanted to go was a 700yd. walk and the snow is really crunchy, the dikes that surround most of these farms are about 12 ft. above the fields with either the river or a channel on the other si...

Blog 240 > Right Conditions BUT!!

Posted 11 December 2010

Haven't had a chance to use my new e-caller much since I started back to work plus I'm sure the yotes know I have one now as I haven't heard them yipping  for just about two weeks which is very unusual for my place, with all the warm weather we've had lately and rain the 10" of snow we had is about 4", froze good last night so there was a good crust on top which makes it easier for predators to get around, went to the cabin this morn. just before light and just sat down and started hearing pup distress calling to the north of me, right away I thought maybe it was my neighbors new pups calling for Mom if she had went inside for a few minutes, knowing sound carries better in the cold I said to myself that its right next door behind the truss company, yea ha,- turned on the rodent call then all was quiet, 3 min. later a trk. starts up and pulls in close to me, I don't believe it, well it was someone that worked there and he was calling before he went to work, forklift starts up and out in the yd. loading truss's on a trk., waited it out hoping he would leave soon BUT NOOOO! more trks showed up Jeez, take a day off? The point of this story is out of every hunter I've met and asked if they predator hunted-99.9% said no or always thought about-- I guess I run into the .1% hunter!!! OH Well, I'll have to go check out some other area's.

Blog 240 > Some ruin hunting for others!

Posted 09 February 2010

During a limited entry hunt for elk in our area, my step daughter (first time hunter) witnessed an unfortunate event. Three hunters happend upon a farmers field near where she was hidden in a hay shed. Approximately 40 elk showed up and these hunters started shooting at them from the road. They wounded one and took off across the farmers field in their tr...