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Yooper coyote down

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Skip call me this morning and he was able to call a coyote in and took it out hopefully he can add to the story in this thread he was able to email me some pictures so I will post them for him
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Thanks Pokey, you beat me to it. Apparently he shot another one the day before but when he went to recover it it had ran off a little further that he thought and he got winded. He said he’d try again today if he felt good.
Truth be told he was probably thinking if he froze out there I’d write a story about him being a coyote popsicle treat.
Good one Skip and Don that is so funny as I just read the pm.
Nope no yooper coyote treats skip whacked that Yote with his old stand by sniper rifle
THANKS POKEY for letting the Bunch know--Boy I was excited---called him in with 3 howls with no barks on my hand howler---that was in the field by my house. He came 600 or so yards across that snow covered field on a dead run-That just don't happen around here much during day light hours. [8am] .He was less than 100 yards from me when I mouth barked . HE came to a sliding stop my old Winchester model 70 225 win BARKED ONCE AND HE WAS DRT never kicked or moved-----I was one happy old coyote caller😁😁😁 a Friend came up from Moss Lake yesterday and skinned him and is going to tan him for me . Rich is a taxidermy friend of mine----Mr coyote has real thick fur and great color. Had a tough time dragging him to the house still sore from the last surgery but it was well worth it. Thanks Guys for your thoughts and well wishes--LESS JOHNSON SAY'S GET TO CALL'EN--------------Skip
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A few more pics from Skip. The first one is a Gray squirrel he took at 60 yds. 17Hornet
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Great story skip and I’m glad you got him skinned out
A friend of skip’s home tanned this coyote pelt and Skip wanted me to share the pictures of it so here they are
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