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What's your favorite broadhead?

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I decided to try some Slick Trick broadheads, this past fall and had some success with them. I used the Razor Trick, which is a COC (cut-on-contact) broadhead with a 1 1/8" cutting diameter.

As it turns out, I made a bad hit (onside shoulder), but still got one lung, 16" of penetration and a 1400+ yard blood trail that allowed me to find him. The tracking job certainly was a learning experience. I found him hiding in a corn field. A 10 pt. buck that weighed 230 lbs. with a 15" inside spread.

I'll be using these broadheads again, next year.
What's your favorite broadhead?

Good hunting, Bowhunter57
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RAGE TWO BLADE. They will make a marginal hit a kill one guy on my filming crew said (heck i think you can just nick them) I haven watched my wife punch through a mature ohio buck with 45# and it only went thirty yards , I gave my brother some and told you have to try these, I was out of state hunting and he called all excited about a buck he shot that ran forty yard and died running . Then this season a buddy of mine shot a buck of a lifetime and we had to use a tracking dog , when the guy with the dog showed up the first thing he asked was if it shot with a rage he said he hardly ever dont find one that has been. I filmed the whole deal it was cool . We are sold on them
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Rage 3 blade
I shoot G5 Montecs and I smoked a buck this year at twenty yards and he only went thirty after my arrow passed completely through both lungs and then into the ground behind. Couldn't ask for more.
Hands down Muzzy 4 blade 90gr. They fly so true and aint let me down yet
the faster they bleed out, the faster they die...RAGE 2 BLADE
used them all.the faster they bleed, the faster they die...RAGE 2 BLADE!
Iam old school----BearBearBearBearBearBear
Have used Slick Tricks for a couple of years and really like them. They fly like darts out of my bow. This past year I won a pack of Rage two blades at a outing so I thought I would give thema try, The hole they put in my buck was huge I am happy with either one of the two.
I have been using slick trick 100 grain magnums the past couple years. I have good luck with them both on deer and hogs. Before then I used GrimReapers I switched to cut on contact because I was after a big boar hog and wanted a coc head,
so far my favorites are the slick tricks & the G5s ,but ill be trying out some inner locs on turkeys in the spring
my favorite broadhead is the muzzy mx-3 100 gr
The G-5 Montec did the job on my elk!! Also took a turkey with the Tekan II!
Muzzy MX-3 100gr
thunder head 3blade 100gr put down 7deer 2-8 1-6 1-5 3doe put i hear good things about rage .my boys another 7deer
For antelope it is the rage 3 blade and for elk it is the G5 striker. Might give the new G5 T3 a try on elk this year.
i use the muzzy mx4 100 and the liberty sonic broadheads
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