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TOM T HALL passed away yesterday.
my condolences to all who loved him!

He was one of my all time favorites .

the world was indeed made better with his being here !!!!!

I spect he is up there with his old dog, looking down on his children and sipping some watermellon wine!!!!!!!!!!!!

'I remember the day that Mr TOM T Hall died!
I thought about his many accomplishments and I cried!
Tom T was the best story tellin songwriter in his town.
through all his trials and tribs he seldom wore a frown.
He made a big impression on me ...
though I was a barefoot kid.
they say he got religion ,fore his end

and i'm glad that he did!

here's to you Mr Hall !!!!!!!!!!!!
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So, that's why Bullwinkle texted me some YouTube video from the man. Couldn't load it at the tractor show and didn't get the news 'til now.
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