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Has anyone tried a green laser designator by laser genetics [bsa optics]. I use a SIG SAUER STL-900L TACTICAL LIGHT - LASER but one drawback is the light is white and can spook predators . Works great out to 200 yeards hase a red laser that reaches out there to . Another problem is mounting works great on AR15 with rails but not so good on winchester or others
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I have not used one but I am considering it. I have been looking around on several forums to try to find some opinions on them.
do your home work depending on where you live,some cant handle cold weather,,
Ok! I just purchased one today. Will not receive in for at three weeks. I understand that the batteries don't last 7 hours in cold weather, expressed by tech support at BSA Optics. A remedy is to use toe warmers taped to the ND3. They expressed that in the future they will have a wrap that encompasses the scope for use in cold weather. I'll let you know how it worked out for me in PA.
I hope it works out for you. I finally decided not to take the chance and to go with a Lightforce scope mount. Let us know how it works.
From what I have heard this thing will not work at all under 30 drgrees. Ill stick to my trusty lightforce..
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