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Good Morning Everyone! It's 70 here in Apache Junction, Arizona! Wind North @ 4 mph. Partly Sunny Today and a High of 93...
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we get an inch. it melts. we get another inch .it melts. inch .it melts. and the wheels go round an round.
It has warmed up and started snowing again, we are forcast with snow for the next week.
+5C here yesterday, turning cold again for the next couple weeks.
We got 11 inches more snow yesterday and it is starting to pile up, all around the drive it is at least 3 feet deep. The nest five days it is forecast to snow more.
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We got some more snow last night and are expecting a big dump tonight. Our total amount of moisture for the year is a new record, and half of the month to go. There have been four snow days for the schools. By the weekend the temps will drop to singal digit.
Suppose to get a cold snap next week for here.
It was 33 on my outdoor thermometer at 5:30 this morning. It’s supposed to be colder tomorrow at this time.
It was 33 on my outdoor thermometer at 5:30 this morning. It’s supposed to be colder tomorrow at this time.
Tough to handle Don, Longjohns will be sent.
We got another foot of snow and it is cooling down now. Got the circle drive done just need to do the side drive.
Tough to handle Don, Longjohns will be sent.
Much appreciated.
-11C here right now, -20 for the next couple days.
We are about -15 right now and it has been below zero for several days. In Anchorage there is lots of snow that has not been moved enough to keep all of the lanes open and instead of two lanes each direction there is only one and a half, making it a one lane each way. The snow is at least 24 " at the edge of the road as it is.
I'm completely broke

The other day I tried buying fertilizer on my only credit card and it was declined.
I literally can't buy shit
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The temps. have come up to 8 above zero is the last hour, looks like we may get snow.
We lucked out on this storm--- we got down to 5* while the folks down in the desert went way below zero--- its been warm enough that the elk are still run'in around out in the hay field.
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It’s good to see your name on a post again Cat. I think you owe us a few pics of Miss K’s thanksgiving pies.
Totally agree Don, is that an old pic. Cat, seems like there should be some of that white stuff laying around.
MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of the PT!
Your too late Don--- the pies are gone.
No snow here Rick--- thats O.K. though--- I'm still able to keep pull'in timber off the lease.
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