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Eastern Coyote Hunting VS Western

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I was wondering if any of you have had the chance to hunt both Coyotes east of the mississippi and out west. What are the biggest differences in approach? Which is harder to call? And if anyone has any good advice on how to hunt the eastern yotes that could help me that would be great too. Thanks guys.
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I'm not positive but i believe the western coyote is easier to call in and just to hunt all around.I hunt eastern coyote.I'd love to hunt in the west though
I think it would alot of fun.I always see people in pictures huntin in the desert they always have alot more coyote.I know from my experience as well If you get 20 coyote in a day
in the east its a good chance your never gonna see that again.In the west however that seems thats just a good day.
I have hunted them in both areas ( Maine and New Hampshire as well as Kansas and Nebraska ). In my opinion, they have a lot of similarities, but the real difference is the habitat. You don't get many 400 yard shots in NH, where that is just getting going in Nebraska. They both respond to the same calls, but the Eastern seem to like deer distress more than the western ever did. Right now, with the dogs in pairs, you will do better to use coyote vocals instead of prey. They are more into lovin' than eatin'!!!
I grew up in Northern Maine, killed my first yote there, 20+ years ago. In the time since I have lived all across the US, and killed yotes in 40 states. saying eastern yotes is harder, or western yotes is easier is a "cop out". There are more yotes in the west so out west we kill more. In the east there are fewer yotes. They are no smarter, just less of them.All of predator hunting is a "numbers game" the more critters, the better your chances. The more stands you make the better your chances. I lived in MN, AND KILLED 20 FOX AND 20 YOTES A YEAR. I didn't whine about hunting out west, I just hunted my ground the best I could.
I have heard this debate for years, and the whole thing boils down to numbers.
numbers yes, habitat even more i think. out west u can set up on a shady hill and see the dogs from a mile away. here in the east i call from the woods and usually dont see them till the last 100 yrds or less. in the east u better be ready cause in can happen real fast!!
I totally agree with Duane!! A coyote's a coyote no matter where you go. The only reason it looks easier out west is because we have more coyotes. To me, it looks easier to kill a big whitetail in IL rather than here in NE or it looks easier to call in a bobcat in TX rather than in IA. Same concept!!! I'll agree that eastern coyotes may get more pressure simply because you have less coyotes and more hunters but the basic concepts of calling coyotes are always the same. You might just have to tweek things some to fit the terrain you're calling in and the style of calling you prefer.
Would't just there being more coyote in the west make it easier to hunt them.I mean If you have ten fish in a pond and fifty in another would't it be easier to fish the pond with fifty.I'm not really arguing against anyone I'm just saying.I know they all have the same mentality and you can hunt them with the same methods across the country.To me though if there's more to shoot at that usually makes for more success.
Yes, If their are more "fish" it's easier to catch one. But thier are more "fish", in a bigger pond, with more feed.
The "fish are the same". Do ya see the point I'm makin? No benefit in being down on your hunting grounds, you have two choices, 1) hunt your ground the best you can, or 2) come huntin out west. Don't get me wrong, it ain't easy out here, when lots of guys kill 50 yotes a year, I have to work my a$$ of for my hunters to kill 150. It all comes down to "perspective", and "% ages".
If you make 20 stands and see 2 yotes you better kill one. If I make 30 stands,and call 20 yotes,for my hunters, they better kill ten.
I'm going back to my basics, and saying its a #'s game.
I think the biggest advantage out west compared to here in the east is terrain. You have to agree with me that the closer a coyote gets to you the better the chances he has to see,smell,hear you. Well the thickness of our forests and smaller fields the less we can see. So eastern hunters are at a disadvantage over the yote b/c of its senses. I have never hunted out west so i cant say i would be a better hunter out there but i feel the odds are better there. You can see them comming from half a mile away at times. Here in the east your lucky if you can see them comming at a hundred yards.
Everyone is pretty on with their statements. There are a lot of yotes out west and its nice to see them coming from far to get a bead on them and be ready but hunting harder/smarter should always be able to make-up for things.
Hunting harder just makes my point its harder in the east than the west. Either east or west hunting harder makes you a better hunter.
I have hunted the east having grown up in Ohio.I have hunted the west Oklahoma and Texas. But i will have you know the grass is greener and the predators better in Canada and Alaska. I have learned over the years it is what I make it. In Ohio I have called more red fox than yotes because of the numbers. There is a sweet spot in Oklahoma that I will naturally call more greys then yotes. This is due to the terrain and lay of the land. Studing and reading up on the the yote where what he likes and dont like. I currentlly live in Dallas and I can walk out less than 100 yards from my house and call a yote in using recorded puppy whines and feline cat calls ( thats what they eat in my area of the city). Its all about knowing your prey what is available for its food supply,where it would find it and what time it hunts. Going out in the mornig or day time will not work where I live but let the sun go down and the traffic lighten up and they will come.When summer comes and the kids are out you will not here or see a thing till the weee hours of the morning. I agree with the numbers idea its the law of percentages. But no matter how many times you fish in a pond that has no fish the end result will be the same.
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ive hunted wyoming ,colorado nebraska and Pa, Md , NY and it really is the numbers kill 5 yotes a day in wyo and hunt 2 weeks in Pa to get one .. the east just has difrent terrane so you cant see them comeing . dont worry they see you thow. set up is everything you just cant go sit in a field like out west . got to hide.
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