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binocular recommendations?

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I'm looking for some help in choosing a good pair of binoculars for hunting 'yotes and such. I can't believe the cost range. From $1000+ to $18. I just need a decent pair that are best bang for my buck. Help please.
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I have been on that quest for many years and have found what I think is the best two for the price. Steiner the 8x30, they are lite and have a rubber coating on the outside. The other is the Canon image stabilized, this allows you to use higher power than nonstabilized ones. 8x is about as high of power that a person can hold and be able to use, the 10x when using the stabilized ones is easy. I use the Canon on my boat and that is when the they shine above the rest. Both are in the Cabela's catalog, which will make checking up on them easier.
I have a pair of Steiners 8x30 there sweet lite weight and rubber coated and auto focus,plus there semi camo being green and all
I have a pair of 8x22 Steiners that work good and the best thing is that I actually carry them because they're small enough to fit in your pocket.I don't like to carry anything more than I need,they are small and good quality glass.
Buddy of mine hunting mule deer had "Canon" optics. I thought all they made were cameras. The glass was far better than my Burris and on par with the Swarvorski (sp?) that the other hunter had.
Got steiners 8x30 for my B-day last week. They Rock! Very light and compact. Seperate eye adjustments, nice.
I have a pair of nikons in 8x42 that work really well for me. They are clear, bright and fairly cheap. I'm sure that the steiners are better glass but I hate carrying bino's around on my neck while predator hunting so they get the backpack treatment.
Yep i'm a steiner man too. Can't beat them!
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