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Anyone here in Georgia Predator Hunt?

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I am just starting to predator hunt in Ga I got a FoxPro/Spitfire and 2 hand calls. I've called in crows, hawks, deer,woodpeckers,grey catbirds,, only once did I call in a coyote, but it was during deer rifle season and one of our party got excited when it ran past his stand towords me and spooked it.. I did shoot a wild hog in the back of my sub-division. I am looking for anyone to hunt with and could use some advise and property to hunt. I live in the Statham/Winder/Athens area. I did not call in the hog and the other animals responded but are not the target animal . I did shoot a Grey Fox while on a deer stand and was privaliged to witness a Bobcat chase a squirrel around then up a tree then climb down backwards, it was the day before Bobcat season. I know there are alot of coyotes around, you see em dead on RT316 and 211. So get ahold of me!!!
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Not near you but I am south of Columbus, in Cusseta. I do most of my predator hunting after deer season. Kinda new to it, but have shot quite a few off of deer gut piles at the hunting camp.
About time BRO, lets get together and kill us some Coyotes!!!!!!
Good now you have only til 3-31 to become eligable for the contest
i'm in it! just another perk from another great forum!
Welcome hoochfisher, I use the same name on GON also.16 miles south of columbus is were I hit the hooch at its only 9 miles from my house
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