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22 Nosler performance

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I continue to be impressed with this round. Most of my shots are 200 yards or less. For years I’ve shot a .223 with ok results but do see some runners. So far with this round they don’t run just drop like a rock. There’s definitely more shock on impact which I like a lot. Great round for anyone of the fence and looking for something a little stronger in a AR15 platform. My season is wide open now and going again tonight. I’m excited

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What are the ballistics of this round. Are you using factory ammo or hand loads.
I’ll never assume that they’ll grandfather our right to own an AR style rifle. They outright banned the bumpstocks. That said buy from an individual and there’s no record. Just sayin’
Are you now or in the future going to reload for the 22 Nosler?
Save your brass in an airtight container.
It keeps them dry and corrosion free. Just make sure they are dry when you put them in there.
Here’s why, the 22 Nosler isn’t a huge seller, it may be but if it isn’t ammo and brass will be scarce( ask anyone shooting one of the super short calibers ) bullets will always be fairly available but brass may end up
On a once a year run that gets sold out quickly. If nothing else, you can sell it to someone who does reload.
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How did the 53gr do on paper ?
And the 62?
I’ve told people for years that Noslers are the ticket to clean one shot no exit kills. I’ve shot coyotes from a lot of angles and never had an exit in 224 or 243. I did have an exit on a 204 cal 40gr on a fox once. It nearly cut him in half.
I shoot Noslers in 204, 223, 22-250, and 243 in every caliber they are as or more accurate than Hornady, Sierra, Berger, Speer. 35gr Bergers perform really well in the 204 as do the 39 gr sierras. The Hornady 32 gr work well on prairie dogs but terminal performance is pretty much a moot point as any hit does the job. They
( 32gr) should never be used on coyotes IMO, they aren’t heavy enough to break through bone if you should hit it.
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Nice shot!
That was nice.
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