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2023 varmint thread

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Just getting this ready as I’ve been out scouting and it looks like I’m going to be very busy with the woodchucks this season I’ve found 15 active dens so far but need the weather to cooperate to start thinning them out 45* f and rain is not the best weather for them to be out feeding but at least I know where they are at and the weather not cooperating will give me a chance to roll up some more ammo as I’m getting low on 223 and I think I’ll use the stick this season so let the games begin
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I’m looking forward to your success Pokey.
Good luck, grass is growing fast I bet making it tough finding mounds.
GET A BUNCH POKE---And save 2 young one's for me --There good eating-:D-also make real good fox and coyote bait------------GET'ER DONE PAL GOOD LUCK
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Thanks guys

and skip I already planned on saving you a few smaller ones
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