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  1. Coyote Hunting
    Those first timers in front of the camera always have the best of luck!
  2. Coyote Hunting
    It has been a tough October for us in terms of pumping out videos. We are calling in the usual amount of fall season coyotes but they aren't cooperating once we put the camera lens on them. Fortunately, this one decided to veer from the norm and do everything he is supposed to do.
  3. Coyote Hunting
    Here is a short video clip of some footage I took while hunting with Jason Smith in Southern Utah. He called this dog in from about 800 yards, to within 50/yards only to have yours truly in the way of the shot, dog ran out to 300/yards and Jason smokes him. Watch the video close and you can see...
  4. Predator Hunting
    Just got the latest video uploaded! Ryan Hannah and I went up North of Seligman and broke in a few new calls. We ended up calling in 7 and taking 5 but here are the first two stands of the trip. I love watching them work their way in.
  5. Predator Hunting
    I put a few clips together to get everyone pumped up about this upcoming season. Hope you enjoy!
  6. Predator Hunting
    I found this site a couple months ago, pretty cool for all hunter's and video people, I just thought i would share my find for those who didn't know . check it out.
  7. Coyote Hunting
    My buddy Ryan Kennedy and I went up to the South Rim this last weekend and were able to shoot 7 coyotes here's one of them that we got on video.
  8. The Member's Cabin
    Sure miss night hunting in Texas....
  9. The Member's Cabin
    Testing out the new way of posting videos. Apparently we can just paste the link and it will show the video inline. Let's see.
  10. The Member's Cabin
    Gotta love this guy.... hope you guys enjoy it as much as I have.
1-10 of 10 Results