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  1. Coyote Hunting
    Hey guys, saw this flyer in a store. I can't wait to hear Major Boddicker from Crit'r call, he is doing a demo on calling coyotes. Looks like there is gonna be a lot of good info at this event.
  2. Trapping & Fur Handling
    Hey guys, saw this flyer posted in a store. Looks like there should be a lot of useful info here.
  3. Trapping & Fur Handling
    Well dang....
  4. Trapping & Fur Handling
    So I am new at putting up these cats. I have put up 2 others over the last couple of weeks but this week I took a nice Tom. I brought him home... temps were 20 degrees all day. I treated him just like I have the others.... laid him on his back in my workshop which is no more than 30 degrees. He...
  5. Trapping & Fur Handling
    So I set this spot up yesterday for the first time with one of my bigger 42" cage traps from Bob Small. These cages are a little heavier than my others but they are longer and made with heavier gauge wire. Bob swears they will hold hogs and lions too. Not that I would ever target either of...
  6. Trapping & Fur Handling
    Found this in my cage this morning along the river. Dave (catcapper) is on his way up to share some of his trapping knowledge with me so we're going to go turn him out together. Might have some video to follow.... Surprised the heck out of me! Just hoping he's not overly pissed at me when we...
  7. Trapping & Fur Handling
    I was going thru pics tonight and came across this one. Funny story actually.... I caught this cat behind the house and I really thought I was "the man". He proved me wrong though. This tom was so aggressive that I ended up releasing him from inside my truck.
1-7 of 7 Results