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  1. Trapping & Fur Handling
    I was digging through some old traps and came across this interesting one. The obvious was the dog is something I have never seen before being just a wire, and it doesn't allow for a loose jaw. Then I noticed the chain on it is different than any other trap I have come across either. I probably...
  2. Trapping & Fur Handling
    For those of you who don't know me, I'm a trapper. It's my job. I've recently gone back to using all types of snares to catch things. It's fun to see how little it takes to capture wildlife. Also, at the risk of looking ultra trendy, I've recently started wearing my paracord so I can take it...
  3. Trapping & Fur Handling
    All - i'd like to start trapping coyote and badger and maybe fox. what are the basic steps so i can visualize a plan when i start reading up on the sport. i trapped in boy scouts and as a kid, but nothing that required a permit, that i knew of. also, i'm not getting help from the ***'es at...
1-3 of 3 Results