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  1. Fox Hunting
    First post yay 😁 Please see some trail cam photos of a fox around my property that keeps taking bites at my chickens. I took a shot at him with open sites and was too high unfortunately. I got this great pic today and my wife says”you sure that’s a fox?” Please let me know your thoughts and...
  2. The Trophy Room
    I really like how this one came out, pedestal mounts are a great way to display your trophy and take up less space than a lifesize.
  3. The Trophy Room
    I have been posting pictures of snarling lions lately, thought you might enjoy this happy cat instead....just got home from the 2013 ATAA Convention.
  4. The Trophy Room
    Thought you guys might enjoy this mount.....
  5. The Trophy Room
    Couple more mounts finished up......
1-5 of 5 Results