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  1. Pay It Forward
    Up for grabs is a quick release sling by The Outdoor Connection. The sling is 1-1/4" wide, black (heavy) nylon, and quickly adjusts from ~28" to ~38". It has Talon quick release swivels attached. The sling is out-of-package, but has never been used. I'll pay the shipping.
  2. Pay It Forward
    This new and unused nylon sling adjusts quickly and easily from around 34/35" to 46/47". It has Uncle Mike's quick release swivels. The adjustment feature allows it to be used as a shoulder sling, yet quickly convert to a hasty sling for a steady offhand shot. It will not convert to a loop...
  3. Advertiser's Corner
    With the new season unfortunately comes new pricing. I'll keep it as minimal as possible but have to cover expenses. Slings (non-adjustable) $27 to your door. Lanyard (6 drop standard) $15 to your door. Bracelet $5 to your door You can click on any of these pictures and...
1-3 of 3 Results