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  1. Coyote Hunting
    Took my new outrigger outdoors red eye predator hunting light out for a test run last night and managed to call up a fox. I was hesitant the light would be too bright at max brightness (advertised as 10,000 lumen) but he didn't care as long as it was on red. He came right up to the e-call and...
  2. Coyote Hunting
    As a new caller only starting in last November one of the frustrations I see is finding some one with a reputable opinion of the sounds I make and if Im doing them correctly. I thought I would ask for some opinions on having a thread where new Hand/Mouth callers could record themselves and...
  3. Predator Hunting
    For the next couple of weeks we want to promote the various predator hunt challenges that many of you are putting on or are registered for across the country over on our Facebook and on our soon to launch new website. We're looking to spread awareness and promotion to help make your challenges...
  4. Predator Hunting
    When does everyones nighttime predator hunting season open and end in your state? Here in Michigan it is October 15th-March 15th
  5. Coyote Hunting
    A little different scenery for us with a little different result, must have been the altitude. :wacko:
  6. Predator Hunting
    Predator Hunter Outdoors will be hosting a Predator Kill Photo Contest!! We're going to be running a predator photo contest through September 26, 2013 to all of our fans of the PHO Facebook page who submit 1 or 2 photographs of their best kills! It MUST be recent and include YOU in the photo...
  7. General Firearm Discussion
    I wanted to try starting a discussion on the 17HMR. I currently hunt at night here in michigan with my 17. In michigan you are only allowed rimfire rifles at night. I love this round for fox and have had buddys drop coyotes out to 130 yards with their 17. I think this caliber is vey...
  8. Another Yote Dead!!

    Another coyote shot with my Remington 700, 308. For sure too big of a gun for saving pelts, but man its fun!!!!!
  9. My First Coyote

    I called this coyote in to five yards with my FoxPro woodsman mouth call, never even had a chance to turn on the electronic call. Shot it with my Remington 700, 308. Yeah to say the least I am now shopping for a 22-250, the hole on the entrance not bad, the hole on the exit was not safe for TV. L
  10. Cougar Track

    I was out Coyote hunting one day in Jackson county which is in lower Michigan. I stumbled into this track wasnt sure what made it so took a picture of it then had a few prople investigate what animal made the track, the answer from everyone was a cougar. Heres the kicker, a horse on a farm across
  11. Predator Hunting
    Is anyone going to this? April 19-21 in Waco, Texas. Three days. Two shows. One location. They have a lot of exhibitors and seminars. Predator calling contest. Predator and Pig Rig Competition. Taxidermy Competition. Sounds like a literal Texas-style huntin' extravaganza to me. Brian "Pigman"...
  12. Predator Hunting
    i just recently purchased a ND3 light. it is a green lazer light. i was wondering if anyone has tried em out or know how well they work.? thanks!
  13. Predator Hunting
    There will be a predator hunting tournament Jan. 6th 7th and the 8th. there are only 2 people to a team. $20 per team. At least one team member must sign team up before 6:00 pm on Friday the 6th. sign ups and check ins are at Shooting The X - 233 Allen Rd Carlisle, PA 17013 the 1st check in...
  14. The Member's Cabin
    I am really thinking hard about how to put together an annual event of some type to get the members of PT together for a good time. Would anyone be open to something like this? How could we set an event like this up since our members are spread all around the country, and even outside of the...
  15. Hunting Gear
    Add this one to the "need" list? It looks like a good one! $99 though? Is it worth it?
1-16 of 16 Results