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  1. Random Polls
    Tall Bipod, Shooting Sticks, or something elseAssuming you are coyote hunting and intend to shoot from a sitting position which of the following would you prefer?A tall pivoting bipod.422.22%A tall non-pivoting bipod.15.56%Adjustable shooting sticks (such as with a band you can...
  2. Advertiser's Corner
    Ok guys and gals I am thinking of making some calls and having a pin custom made like the PT Decal, I would like to know who would buy such a call before I go ahead. Right now I am in the getting quotes for pins and it looks like they want me to order at least a 100. I was hoping it would be...
  3. Random Polls
    The ultimate PT poll / survey - Enter to win!!! (ongoing)Do you prefer to hunt alone or with others?I prefer to hunt alone.10044.64%I prefer to hunt with others.12455.36%Do you primarily hunt predators, or other game?I primarily hunt predators.11250.00%I primarily hunt other game.11250.00%Do you...
1-3 of 3 Results