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  1. Hunting Gear
    I'm just wondering if there are any night vision products for less than $250 that would be useful for coyote spotting at twilight and night. I'm not necessarily looking for anything. I'm more just curious. I don't know much about the practical uses of the products. Things I wonder about...
  2. Hunting Gear
    Ive got me a Torch Pro Ir illuminator up to 800 yards on order. This will be perched on my Pulsar N550. I will be a coyotes worse nightmare!
  3. Coyote Hunting
    Anyone have good experience with a range of night vision scopes for coyote hunting? I'd to buy a stage 2, can't afford a stage 3, but really really really like the price of stage 1. If I spend 400 on stage 1, it leaves an lot more toy money for other things I'd also like. 1200 for stage two...
1-3 of 3 Results