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  1. New Members - Start Here!!
    Hello, I joined the forum awhile back. I've just been watching and reading. I'm 57and just getting back to hunting after many years away. I always hunted with dogs and once we moved to an area where it would have been difficult to have a working dog then I just stopped hunting. I shot rifle...
  2. Colorado Predator Hunting
    I posted in the new members forum, but I thought I'd say hi here too. Plan on being back in Colorado this July and breakin in a new AR. Hi everyone.
  3. New Members - Start Here!!
    Hi All, As a new member from ND I will pprobably be looking for lots of info on coyotee hunting and calling. I found this site in my Outdoor Life magazine. I am just starting to do some yote hunting and was getting some mp3 files to try to call them in. I also just purhased 223 in the AR platform.
1-3 of 3 Results