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  1. Coyote Hunting
    Hello! It's my first post here. I am new to Coyote hunting. I have hunted about everything else there is to hunt in MN. I got into the sport after seeing a lot of coyote sign and yotes in the area where I deer hunt. I came up on a fresh fawn killed by yotes and I made the decision then and...
  2. New Members - Start Here!!
    Hello everyone, I recently relocated from AZ to MN ( from one extreme to another) and that being the case, i have always been facinated by coyote hunting. Anyone in the St. Cloud Area willing to provide advice or mentorship. I would greatly appreciated it! Thank you, David Hernadnez
  3. Wolf Hunting
    Hey guys, i joined this forum because i obtained a MN wolf license this year and i need a little help. I have done a LOT of research on wolf hunting but here are the questions i have. 1. I am thinking of baiting using fresh road kill whitetails, is this just to get the wolf pack closer in the...
1-3 of 3 Results