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  1. Site Help and Support
    I’m new to this sight and don’t really know what I’m doing . How do I hunt coyote and red fox I would like to hunting during the morning or evening but if I have to I can hunt at night. How do I hunt them at all. I need to know how to call and set up and what time. I can hear them next to my...
  2. Hunting with Dogs
    I am just starting out hunting coyotes and I've been doing a lot of research and studying up on the subject. I have watched a lot of videos and the decoy dogs fascinate me. I would like to get into a groove and be comfortable hunting coyotes so it will be a year or two down the road if not...
  3. Buy / Sell / Trade
    I am selling some Predator Hunter decals. These decals are made from high quality indoor outdoor vinyl. I currently have a ebay listing up. $5 for a 6"x6.5" with free shipping.
  4. Bear Hunting
    Utah Black Bear I chased bears for the entire spring season and 2 weeks into the fall season with my premium utah bear tag for the Zion/Panquitch unit. I was fortunate enough to take this big old bear. The hunt video, pictures and full story click here&#8230...
  5. Bear Hunting
    I drew a Utah 2013 premium tag, this allows me to hunt the springs season, fall season and the late fall season. Here is a short video with story and pics of the spring season Enjoy.... Thanks for watching Kelly Cox...
  6. Coyote Hunting
    Hope you guys enjoy this one as much I did. Great vid enjoy
  7. Coyote Hunting
    Hit this dog on the run with my second shot using 40gr 204 ruger, hit the front part of the shoulder breaking it, hunting partner Robert finished it with 223 R15, used fox pro call and mojo critter, started with howls and then prob 3 different distress before he showed up at 13 min, we run the...
  8. New Members - Start Here!!
    I am thinking about buying a mossberg night train rifle in .308 caliber. Anybody have any advise or experience with this rifle. Thanks.
  9. Bobcat Hunting
    I'm new to bobcat hunting but i know theres a few in my area (deer cam pictures). And i have an electronic caller but what kind of calls do i use? and what other tips can you give me?
  10. Coyote Hunting
    Hey all, just joined this site and am getting prepped for going yote hunting for the first time. We have over 60 acres in central Wisconsin and I spotted tons of tracks right near 3 of our 5 stands. I've read about the food scrap frozen in bucket to bait method and am wondering how well it works...
  11. General Firearm Discussion
    There is a petition up on the White House website to stop the gun ban, you have to sign up to sign the petition but it doesn't take long at all. I encourage everyone to sign and share this link with everyone you know...
  12. Wolf Hunting
    does anyone have any recent sightings of wolves in Idaho?
  13. Coyote Hunting
    Working in Wyoming for a few days so had to go yote hunting, called in this dog with my Pure Predator OD-1, My work partner Jay shot this big male at 75 yards, his first coyote , the Pure Predator OR calls are my favorite calls
  14. Coyote Hunting
    So as you guys know, I'm in the animal control/nuisance wildlife business. I handle any and all wildlife, with the exception of gators (no money in it). Lately, the coyote situation in Orlando has come to a head. They are so overpopulated that people are legitimately scared for their pets...
  15. Coyote Hunting
    I just wrote my introduction post and I mentioned a job I am working in a gated community in Orlando, FL. The response was pretty good so I thought I would start a thread on it. Basically, I'm being paid to remove coyotes. No big deal as I'm a nuisance wildlife trapper by trade. Here's the...
  16. Coyote Hunting
    are there any meetups in az?
  17. Coyote Hunting
    looking for a hunting partner in the arizona area located in avondale but willing to travel to hunt some other areas
  18. Predator Hunting
    I found this site a couple months ago, pretty cool for all hunter's and video people, I just thought i would share my find for those who didn't know . check it out.
  19. Cougar / Mountain Lion Hunting
    So I was out hunting with my buddies and we were calling with our electronic caller. we were on our fourth stand and had been calling for about 15 minutes when we first heard a kind of throaty growl. It was very short and only lasted about one second. We heard about every thirty seconds for a...
  20. The Member's Cabin
    Gotta love this guy.... hope you guys enjoy it as much as I have.
1-20 of 20 Results