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  1. Coyote Hunting
    So my wife and I were huntin in East Texas while I was home for Christmas break (I'm a teacher/coach). We had a total of 6 people with us on this stand lol. All people had camo on and were sprayed down with a scent killer. I started out calling with a long female coyote howl (3) on my new...
  2. Coyote Hunting
    So the wife and I are going on a night hunt tonight, possibly. Haven't done it much. So any tips from you professionals and y'all with wisdom and experience... I'm all ears. Thanks ladies and gentlemen. Semper Fi
  3. Wolf Hunting
    Hey everyone, Michigan is in the middle of it's first wolf hunting season and I haven't seen much talk about it. I am sadly going to miss this season because I can't manage to get there but I was wondering if anyone out there is going up to the UP before the season ends?
  4. Wolf Hunting
    Hey guys, I recently have been given the privilege to hunt some wolves coming up. My friends ranch livestock is getting decimated from the amount of wolves in the area. In Alberta it is legal to hunt wolves that are a problem. So i'm looking for some advice on call sounds that you guys have had...
  5. Wolf Hunting
    Hey guys, i joined this forum because i obtained a MN wolf license this year and i need a little help. I have done a LOT of research on wolf hunting but here are the questions i have. 1. I am thinking of baiting using fresh road kill whitetails, is this just to get the wolf pack closer in the...
  6. Indiana Predator Hunting
    Registration for the 2013 Indiana Predator Challenge is now open! Registration opens for this annual event on July 15th each year, the hunt will be held February 1st-3rd. For more details, photos and testimonails from previous hunts, and registration paperwork please visit...
  7. Predator Hunting
    I found this site a couple months ago, pretty cool for all hunter's and video people, I just thought i would share my find for those who didn't know . check it out.
1-7 of 7 Results