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  1. Coyote Hunting
    As a new caller only starting in last November one of the frustrations I see is finding some one with a reputable opinion of the sounds I make and if Im doing them correctly. I thought I would ask for some opinions on having a thread where new Hand/Mouth callers could record themselves and...
  2. Predator Calls
    I don't have access to my calls right now, but i've been telling call makers for years that if they are going to make them with castration bands (black or green, doesn't matter) they will be broken within a couple of short months. Out here in the desert - ALL rubber deteriorates very quickly...
  3. New Members - Start Here!!
    im looking for quality coyote hand calls. I really want to become better at hand calling. Electronic calls are great but i think there is a lot to be said for adding your own personal touch. Im looking for a call that sounds great and wont break the bank. Any suggestions?
  4. Predator Calls
    I got these calls last week from my good buddy Don (youngdon) here on PT and thought I would share them with you all. He carved these from a 40' mesquite tree that he planted in his back yard back in the 80's which makes them that much more special because I was born in the 80's. If you're...
1-4 of 4 Results