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  1. Coyote Hunting
    So my wife and I were huntin in East Texas while I was home for Christmas break (I'm a teacher/coach). We had a total of 6 people with us on this stand lol. All people had camo on and were sprayed down with a scent killer. I started out calling with a long female coyote howl (3) on my new...
  2. Wolf Hunting
    Hey guys, I recently have been given the privilege to hunt some wolves coming up. My friends ranch livestock is getting decimated from the amount of wolves in the area. In Alberta it is legal to hunt wolves that are a problem. So i'm looking for some advice on call sounds that you guys have had...
  3. Coyote Hunting
    Here is a short video clip of some footage I took while hunting with Jason Smith in Southern Utah. He called this dog in from about 800 yards, to within 50/yards only to have yours truly in the way of the shot, dog ran out to 300/yards and Jason smokes him. Watch the video close and you can see...
  4. Predator Calls
    Have you guys seen the new Foxpro Shockwave digital call? Look at this thing: I wonder how good the speakers are on this one? Anyone own one or are they even shipping yet?
  5. Predator Calls
    Thought I'd share the list of Foxpro sounds I'm gettin put on a new card for my spitfire with you all. It's a combo of sounds for raccoon, fox, and turkey hunting. I wont be ordering it for another week, so if anyone has any experience with which ones work better than others, or one I shouldnt...
  6. Predator Calls
    So after doing a lot of research on my next digital call, I think I am going to be going with the Mighty Atom (MA-21) from Wildlife Technologies. Is anyone else out here running this call and if so, what do you think about it? I got to hear one in person last week while in Arizona. I stopped...
  7. Predator Calls
    So I am looking to pickup one of these Foxpro Krakatoa Calls but I am wondering who has the best price out there? I normally buy all of my calls and gear from amazon, but they don't carry this one yet so I need another source. Any suggestions? Here is the link...
  8. Hunting Gear
    Add this one to the "need" list? It looks like a good one! $99 though? Is it worth it?
1-8 of 8 Results