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  1. Fox Hunting
    My good friend Jeff Thomason helped Kendall Jones get on a whole bunch of fox a couple weeks back. Always cool to see pictures with a lot of fur in them. Looks like the Remington firearms were getting the job done that weekend in Texas. Jeff continues year in and year out to be a top notch...
  2. Predator Hunting
    Predator Hunter Outdoors will be hosting a Predator Kill Photo Contest!! We're going to be running a predator photo contest through September 26, 2013 to all of our fans of the PHO Facebook page who submit 1 or 2 photographs of their best kills! It MUST be recent and include YOU in the photo...
  3. Fox Hunting
    Me and my friend are planing on going fox hunting in my back woods. I dont know what calls to download onto my e-caller, I dont know whether we should go at night or day, this is my first time going fox hunting. Can i use a clear lens flashlight at night or do i have to use a red or green.Should...
  4. New Members - Start Here!!
    Hi, I'm Luke from CoyoteLight. I live in south eastern Pa and have had a passion for hunting and the outdoors since i was a kid. My main addiction has been whitetails, But over the last couple years it has turned to predators. Due mostly to the abundance of game being andable to hunt after dark...
  5. Fox Hunting
    We don't have a closed season for foxes in the UK so if you wanted to you could shoot them all year round. I don't like the thought of shooting a milky vixen to leave cubs in an earth somewhere to starve to death so I only shoot foxes from July to the end of February. Even though there is still...
  6. Predator Hunting
    i just recently purchased a ND3 light. it is a green lazer light. i was wondering if anyone has tried em out or know how well they work.? thanks!
  7. Predator Hunting
    There will be a predator hunting tournament Jan. 6th 7th and the 8th. there are only 2 people to a team. $20 per team. At least one team member must sign team up before 6:00 pm on Friday the 6th. sign ups and check ins are at Shooting The X - 233 Allen Rd Carlisle, PA 17013 the 1st check in...
1-7 of 7 Results