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  1. Advertiser's Corner
    This is a set of calls made from mesquite burl, and regular mesquite. The closed reed is made of mesquite Burl and is voiced in a medium raspy rabbit. The second is an open reed call with a reese lanyards tone board. $45.00 for the set and I pay the postman. Enjoy Rick.
  2. Advertiser's Corner
    Here is a set of calls I made today. They didnt come out as good as I hoped for. So someone is getting a deal. So I am seeling them as if they were field grade calls. Price is $45 shipped for all 3 calls. Blow up the pic and you can see some of the flaws, small chip where open reed toneboard...
  3. Advertiser's Corner
    I just found out my wife ordered me a new 1860 Army BP Revolver for Christmas to add to my collection. So to celebrate I have decided to do a Christmas sale of the calls I last posted in my official thread. The calls in the pic are ones left and a couple more. Price is $10 ea and $3 shipping no...
  4. Predator Calls
    Don, was nice enough to do a trade for some of his ironwood. I used it to make myself a set.
  5. Predator Calls
    I recently replaced the stock on one of my old shotguns. It is a Churchill 20 ga O/U. The stock has been broken for around 30 yrs and I never could find a replacement. The original Churchill shotguns were made in England and can bring $10,000 or more nowadays. Many other companies awhile back...
  6. Advertiser's Corner
    This is a pair of calls made out of black walnut. Small one is a coaxer and larger is voiced in raspy rabbit. Nice simple little calls. $21.00 for the pair to your door. Enjoy Rick
  7. Advertiser's Corner
    Got a couple of calls fresh out of the shop. Both are made from a piece of oak burl I picked up in Arkansas this summer. The first picture is the burl itself . The two calls are both closed reed calls voiced in a raspy rabbit. Second call has a silver inlay accent ring. Both calls have amazing...
  8. Advertiser's Corner
    Here are 2 boxed sets. Prices are $35 shipped. These are the smaller boxes and no keychain call is included in these. First buyer can pick calls and what box they would like. The enclosed reed call is voiced with my "Raspy Wabbit"
  9. Advertiser's Corner
    Here is my first boxed set of Predator calls, they are made form Acacia wood and the box is made from Aspen. Price is $37 plus $3 shipping.
  10. Predator Calls
    Here is a set made from a new wood I have acquired. It is an enclosed reed tuned as my "Raspy Wabbit" and a matching Howler. The Howler will come with 2 different bands, green for younger coyote howl and grey for more mature sounding coyote. These are very easy howlers to blow, doesnt require...
  11. Advertiser's Corner
    Here is a pic of 2 open reed calls I made today while turning a few for a couple of members that wanted enclosed reed calls. First is Walnut and second is Mahogany, both came from old rifle stocks my sons friend gave me. They both do howls and other distress just like all open reeds, but these...
  12. Advertiser's Corner
    This is a seven call set made of Mesquite and Elk antler accent rings. Set includes a Short reed goose call , Double reed Duck call, Bite reed cow elk call,( also works wonderful as a predator call), Closed reed predator call , Coaxer, Open reed predator call , and a crow call. Mesquite and...
  13. Advertiser's Corner
    Here are 3 of my latest open reed calls. Theyhave the reese lanyards ko reed installed. I have just started using this reed and am loving it. The first is african zebra wood, $36.00, the center call is elk antler, $46.00, and the third is a dark mesquite, $36.00. . Postage is on me...
  14. Advertiser's Corner
    Turned some more of the Shaggy Bark Juniper this morning. Prices are $18 ea shipped but if someone wants an enclosed reed plus the open reed the set is only $30 shipped. The open reed will also come with a black toneboard along with the white it has now.
  15. Advertiser's Corner
    Here are a couple of enclosed reed calls made from a local wood called Shaggy Bark Juniper. To me when finished it looks a lot like Hickory. These are available for $18 shipped each. Pics are showing both sides of calls.
  16. Advertiser's Corner
    Here are four Field Grade enclosed reed calls available for $18 each shipped.
  17. Advertiser's Corner
    Here are 2 pics of the calls I posted in my Official Thread. I made these so a member could choose which ones he wanted. The rest are for sale. In the first pic the 2nd in is sold and in the second pic the first and last call are sold. Prices are: calls with an engraved band $25, regular...
  18. Advertiser's Corner
    When someone orders a call and doesnt designate the wood I always make a few calls and then let them pick. So here are a few calls I have left over and available. I usually sell these on my website for $15 enclosed and $18 open reed plus shipping, prices are reduced to $16 and that includes...
  19. Advertiser's Corner
    These are 2 closed reed distress calls. The first is a call made of african zebra wood with an elk horn lanyard ring, and the second is african black wood with a inlayed silver accent ring. $36.00 each and I pay the postman. Enjoy Rick
  20. Advertiser's Corner
    The first is a all natural piece of horn that i turned just enough to make it a call. Very rustic look. $21.00 and the second is the same piece of horn that I turned completely and added an apple exhaust ring. Also $21.00 to your door. I pay the postman. Enjoy Rick PS, Excuse my poor photography.
1-20 of 54 Results