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  1. New Members - Start Here!!
    I am a HS football coach and since football season and deer season overlap, I had taken about 15+ years off from big game hunting. COVID shut down our fall season so I bought a deer tag for the first time in a long time to go out with my Dad a few times. We didn't hit it too hard since he is 76...
  2. Predator Calls
    Hi Guys, As promised I got my shirts made. I am selling them at cost. The bad news is I only got 65 made and only have 19 left. I have posted them on ebay. If you have puchased my calls and would like one of my shirts well here they are. A quality shirt 4 color silk screen the long sleeve has...
  3. Cougar / Mountain Lion Hunting
    This is how you catch a cougar by its tail. I promise this cougar ia 100% wild and alive. For the whole story go to R-Dub Outdoors, it's a must read. Thats me Rory in the black. [attachment=4390:DSCN3508.JPG
  4. Coyote Hunting
    I took note of todays date. One of my customers Austin C. called in a Mountain Lion with my new baby bunny call. It was 5:20pm after calling 20 minutes. The young cat (yearling) came in from direct down wind. It stayed in the tree line and cover. It got within 95 yards of the Austin. What are...
1-4 of 4 Results