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  1. New Members - Start Here!!
    Hello all, I'm up in northern colorado Fort Collins area. I hunt with a cz ruger 204. Been out a few times but only had success out east in Yuma county. I've been spending too much time scouring maps for public hunting lands in northern co and southern Wyoming. I'm here to learn about...
  2. Elk Hunting
    Here is an elk I took 2 years ago in Colorado: Here he is now:
  3. Wolf Hunting
    Now federal officials have ruled out the possibility to introducing wolves to control elk herds in southern Colorado. The about-face is below:
  4. Colorado Predator Hunting
    I thought this was worth sharing.... it's a collection of various nuisance wildlife laws from the Wildlife Commission Regulation, amendments, and various statutes. Following are summaries of the most common regulations and statutes pertaining to nuisance wildlife. Again, these are summaries ...
1-4 of 4 Results