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  1. Iowa Predator Hunting
    All three shot at separate locations. The last dog of the night was on a brand new permission. He came in downwind(West) of the call but not far enough south as I was only 40yds. North of my call. I actually moved North up the waterway while the coyote was running and stopped when he stopped...
  2. Coyote Hunting
    Let's share our best tips and tricks for those who are new to the sport. It's not always easy to go back to when you were a beginner but for the sake of this thread, let's do just that. Hundreds of people are searching for this info online every month. Let's help them out! Simple tricks /...
  3. New Members - Start Here!!
    I am a long range fanatic. I have a technique that combines calling coyotes and long range shooting. I like to shoot way out there on targets and prairie dogs. For game animals I keep it ethical. Even on coyotes I limit the distance I will shoot to what I am confident in making a clean kill...
  4. The Trophy Room
    Sharing another video from Sunday 2-12-12. I got my new name The Dog Hog ! all my freinds say i don't give them a chance to shoot.
  5. Indiana Predator Hunting
    The 2012 Indiana Predator Challenge is complete and once again it was an exciting event right down to the wire! A capacity crowd of 65 hunters registered for the 8th Annual IPC event with men, women and children packing in from all over the Midwest. This hunt is limited to 65 entries and books...
1-5 of 5 Results