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  1. Coyote Hunting
    Headed out this weekend to battle the heat and see if I can pop a yote with my new rifle. I live in Mesa therefore I'll be headed east. My 4x4 4runner is throwing engine codes and I will unfortunately be driving my Accord so I am seeking easy access and where I'll be able to get a few sets in...
  2. Reloading & Ammo
    The Glendale cabelas had reloder 7, 12, 15, in stock also Blue, Red and Green dots, True Blue, 296, 760, and a few others and the prices were not bumped up
  3. Arizona Predator Hunting
    Hey guys, New to the site and new to Southern Arizona. I wanted to see where the best place to call coyotes would be around Sierra Vista. I came from Kansas and new to this thing they call "Desert Hunting." Haha. Any help would me much appreciated. Planning on sighting in my rifle this weekend...
  4. Arizona Predator Hunting
    Well since I am out here now I thought I would make a post and try to pull some AZ guys out of the woodwork. So if you're an arizona predator hunter.... post here! I am living out in the east valley (San Tan Valley).
  5. Predator Hunting
    I was finally able to take a coyote on film while being the shooter and filmer. I've tried a few times and although I have been able to call them in, connecting or connecting on film is another ball game. Of all the places to do this I think I chose the hardest one. Luckily I had the video...
1-5 of 5 Results