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The Dutch Canyon Pack

Oct 06 2013 03:00 PM | JTKillough in

Every hunt has it's own story, some more than others.

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Texas Style Night-Time Predator Calling

Mar 06 2010 09:01 PM | Guest in Predator Hunting

There was very little moon and it was a somewhat cloudy misty type of night. The darkness settled in on the two of us standing in the back of my truck. We would stand motionless and quiet for several minutes to let the sounds of us driving to the spo...

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Hunting Black Bear - What To Know Before You Go

Mar 05 2010 08:34 PM | Guest in Big Game Hunting

Hunting black bear can reap big rewards. Here are a number of tips you will want to learn about before you head out to bag the very first bear: First, you should learn as much as you can on black bears: what do they eat, when do they eat, what ar...

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Join PredatorTalk and Win Big!

Jan 22 2010 12:39 PM | Guest in PredatorTalk Articles

As you can see, PredatorTalk is BRAND NEW, but that's not going to stop us from being the best predator hunting site around! If you enjoy hunting predators, you should join us! For a limited time, we're offering something special for the first 500 me...

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European Skull Mounts The Texas Way

Mar 08 2010 11:25 PM | Guest in Predator Hunting

A friend of mine called the other day and told me he had taken a nice Axis deer buck in Southwest Texas. It was not his largest, but was a nice deer and he wanted to keep it as a trophy. Deciding on a European skull mount he called his local taxiderm...

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DVD Review: Hunting the Night Shift: Predators

Mar 01 2010 09:03 PM | Guest in Gear Reviews

Like the song says “It aint easy that’s the way you do it”. If you want to know how to set up and go out predator calling at night this is the DVD you want to purchase. These guys have taken night hunting for predators to the extreme and worked out...

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Want to write articles or reviews for PredatorT...

Mar 06 2010 10:11 PM | Guest in PredatorTalk Articles

PredatorTalk is working hard to develop a site that delivers the best content available in the predator hunting world today. In order for that to happen, we need people who are open to writing articles. ALL kinds of articles! Product reviews, how to'...

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Positioning: The Key to Becoming a Better Coyo...

Feb 22 2010 04:52 PM | Guest in Predator Hunting

Over the past decade I have had the privilege of calling in some of most diverse and coyote-rich areas the Midwest has to offer. Hunting the rolling sand hills of Central Nebraska, juniper-covered foothills of South Central Wyoming, vast yucca-lade...

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Place, Patience & Practice: the Core of any...

Feb 22 2010 06:34 PM | Guest in Predator Hunting

In the previous issue, I briefly reviewed the 4 P’s of successful coyote calling and focused on the second P which is Positioning. In this article, I will discuss the remaining 3 P’s which include Place, Patience, and Practice. For many obvious rea...

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Calling the Texas Grey Ghost - A Guide to Calli...

Feb 22 2010 07:09 PM | Guest in Predator Hunting

The shrill scream of a woodpecker in distress bounced off the side of a chalk hill as I watched the edge of a cedar break for movement. I was sitting with my back to a large live oak with scattered brush piles and cactus between me and the brush. As...

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