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Creating a Functional Mud Room

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When designing their home, homeowners often underestimate the importance of the mud room, when it should be one of the first rooms designed. A mud room should be more than just a tiled hallway leading from the garage to the kitchen. Think of all the messes throughout your home that you can avoid if you have a functional mud room for all outside to inside messes can take place and easily be cleaned up. Mud rooms are an important feature of a home, and should cater to your needs. Here are a few ways you can make sure your mud room is more than just wasted space.


Many purposes for mud rooms


Mud rooms are the solution to a home that might seem cluttered. Instead of dumping purses, backpacks, shoes and everything else in the kitchen, use the mud room to store all those items. Install a coat rack to hold coats, jackets and bags. Install key hooks for your house and car keys so you never have to worry about losing them. Finally, install shoe racks or baskets where shoes can reside without leaving messes throughout the home. Mud rooms are a great place for extra storage as well. Install cabinets and closets if space permits to house winter coats or other items that usually take up space elsewhere in the home. Mud rooms are free reign for all sorts of purposes.


Mud rooms fit for kids


Even if you do not have kids yet, design your mud room with kids in mind. Make the mud room functional for kids so it is easy for them to hang up their coats and bags and find their shoes. Install higher cabinets for items that you do not want kids to access such as cleaning supplies. When kids are playing outside, they are bound to get dirty, and if you do not want them dragging mud, dirt and other messes through your home, consider installing a drinking fountain in your mud room so they can get a drink without any mess and continue playing outside. Make sure their items are easily accessible, and that everything has a place so messes are easy to clean up for you and your kids.


Mud room must haves


There are several items that mud rooms should have, some of those being a bench, coat racks and storage space. A mud room without a bench will ultimately be wasted because you and your kids will take your shoes somewhere where you can sit to put them on or take them off, ultimately leading to messes. A mud room should also be connected or close to a bathroom so you and your family do not track messes throughout the house in search of a bathroom. These must haves are necessary if you want your mud room to be functional.


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