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Creative Home Décor Ideas for 2015

Posted by Heidi McBridge, 11 February 2015 · 2490 views

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Remember when you used to walk through the Parade of Homes, model homes, or even your best friends’ homes and want your own home to look exactly like them? You would ask the common question of “where did you get this couch?” and then rush off to find one that was exactly the same, or close in resemblance. Today the trend of home décor is to be as different as possible while sticking to trendy colors, furniture styles, etc. Confused yet? Let’s put it this way, when you walk through your friends’ houses and admire the décor and the colors and the furniture, determine how you can put your own personal spin on those trends to make your home unique from everyone else’s.

Extra embellishments

Collections of knick knacks, vases, dishes, and other fun items you pick up when touring on vacations are something to be proud of and should definitely be displayed. However, instead of placing these valuables in a display cabinet, consider using them as inspiration for your home décor. If you have collections of seashells from the beach, consider creating a fireplace made of concrete with the shells, stones, and barnacles you’ve picked up embedded into the fireplace so you forever have those memories. Displaying your collections in creative ways like this is one way to put your personal spin on showing off your prized possessions.

The simpler the better

Believe it or not a major home décor trend is classic neutral colors, and simple décor to go along with it. Instead of feeling cluttered with décor, a home should feel simple, clean and open. House Beautiful suggests using all white linens to give the vibe of cleanliness and simplicity. Instead of purchasing heavy and gaudy curtains, use simple window treatments like neutral colored roman shades or even just wooden blinds. This allows natural light to enter the home and give a fresh feel to the room.

Easy quick changes

Your home décor mood probably changes when the seasons change, so make adjusting to the seasons simple by purchasing neutral furniture and décor that can be dressed up for any season with pillows, throws, lamp shades or other easy items that can be switched out. Slipcovers are an easy and affordable way to change the vibe of a room, and if you are feeling really ambitious consider making your own slipcovers for furniture, bedding, pillows and other items in order to change things up every once in a while.

The natural feel

Bringing the feel of nature into a home is another trend this year. Allowing natural light to flow through the home, accented with plants – fake or real – and paint colors with natural tones is an easy way to give a fresh and natural feel to a home. Use wind chimes, wicker furniture, and other items like these to bring the outdoors inside. You can always put a personal spin on natural décor making your home unique from everyone else’s.

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