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finally I connected this year

Posted by sconniecoyotecaller, 02 March 2015 · 1507 views

I was out last Wednesday night after almost not going at all. I went to the place I shot my first coyote ever and set out my new Boss Dogg and turned on the preprogrammed mating set. I was pretty much all the way through it without any response or showing. The call turned on Kiyi and it was like a switch flipped and in a matter of 10 seconds of kiyi I had a yote screaming over hill to my south. It stopped at a about 120 yds and looked around it started to come down a field road which brought it to about 70 yards away when the kiyi turned on again which stopped it and then I stopped it for good.
Quickly I headed to another spot and on my walk out three coons were trying to cross the field and I pushed them back into the woods. I went to where I wanted to sit and went out to set the the caller as I turned around to go sit I saw one of those "coons" come out of the woods about 100 yards away into the field. I got back to my spot sat down and the "coon" started to circle my caller and work towards it. It hadn't even played a sound yet. I looked at the "coon" through my scope and thought it was weird that it would bury its face in the snow like it was mousing around. Then it lifted its head and looked at me. It was then I realized it was no coon but a yote which I put a hurt on with my 22-250.

Way to go!  A Twofer!  I mean a double.

Congrats on the hunt.

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