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The New Hook-A-Rack ATV Accessory

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Every once in a while we come across an ingenious piece of gear that we just have to share with PredatorTalk members. The new "Hook-A-Rack" is one of those unique cases.

The Hook-A-Rack is a loader that attaches to, and will work with, just about any ATV that is equipped with a winch. It can be used to lift just about any type of game, feed, or hay bail that it might encounter. Most of us know what it's like to drag a large animal back to our trucks and it's usually NOT fun! Now we have options!

The Hook-A-Rack ATV Loader is made in the U.S.A. and will attach to just about any ATV or UTV in about 30 seconds! It doesn't require any special mounting plates, additional hardware, or special tools.

For more information about the Hook-A-Rackā„¢ visit their website at www.hookarack.com