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First Black Powder Turkey Hunt

Posted by dwtrees, 11 March 2012 · 785 views

It was 4:00 am sunday morning and I really couldn't believe I was getting up to go shoot at a turkey. My friend, Harvey, who was a guide at the time, said he wanted to film a black powder turkey hunt for his business so I agreed to go with him. Harvey picked me up a little before 5:00 am and we drove 20 miles to the place he had picked out for the hunt. He had seen a couple of larger turkeys there the day before he said. We set up the blind and his decoys, one had a real turkey fan attached to it. Harvey set up the camera and I loaded my black powder shot gun with 60 grains of 2F powder, shot wad with 3/4 ounce of # 4 shot and cover card. We then settled in to wait for the sun to come up, drinking coffee and having some good conversation about past hunts we had been on. It was starting to get light out and Harvey said, "It's time" and he started calling with his mouth call and a slate call. If I hadn't been in the blind with him, I would have sworn the turkey was right there. After about 15 minutes we had some turkeys answer Harvey but they were 200 plus yards out in front of us an the side of the hill. Unfortunately for us the turkeys were headed off to our left. Harvey kept calling and would get a response every now and then, but the turkeys were still going away from us. About 8:00 am we looked at each other and said, "Lets go get them". I grabbed my shotgun, Harvey took the tail fan off of the decoy, we hopped in his truck, and drove to the east about 500 yards. The land owner lived just a little ways of the main road so we drove up to his house and talked to him for a couple of minute. After Harvey explained to him what we were doing, he said good luck and just don't shoot around the horses. Luckey for us, the horses were in the other field to the north of where we were going. As we got close to where Harvey thought the turkeys were, he called a couple of times and low and behold they were about 50 yards away on the othe side of a narrow but deep ravine behind some shrubs. We went down into the ravine and when we started up the other side Harvey took the tail fan and held it on the top of his hat. He looked at me and said, "stay right behind me until I say now". As we started to crest the other side of the ravine, Harvey started opening and closing the tail fan. All of a sudden I saw 2 turkeys coming on a dead run for the intruder. The lead trukey's head was turning deep red, then blue, then some sort of green, then black, and then back to red. All I could think is boy is he pissed off. I just stood there totally amazed at what I was seeing when Harvey looked at me and said," Are you going to shoot? Shoot the SOB before he runs us over". I pulled up the shotgun and didn't even have time to aim, pulled the trigger and had a cloud of smoke in front of me. I new I had hit him cause Harvey said good shot. The smoke finally cleared enough to see and sure enough, there he flopped 10 feet in front of us. All I could think was what would have happened to Harvey if I would have missed as that turkey was on a kill mission the way he was running at us. But there he was, my first wild turkey, and with my black powder shotgun. After the congradulations and the tagging of the turkey we headed back to get the blind. Wouldn't ya know it, we forgot the camera in the blind. We picked up everything and headed back to the house. I even got back in time to still go to church, which made the wife happy.
That was 6 years ago or so but I still remeber it like it was yesterday. Harvey is no longer with us, he passed away in his sleep about 6 months ago. I sure am going to miss the hunting trips with him. Rest in peace my good friend. I have attached Harveys Attached Image photo to this blog just in case some of you out there might have meet him as he guided in ND, SD, NB, and KS.

A real great story, congrats. on the hunt.

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